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This week has been all about the recipe development and feedback...and the website!

So last week we sent out the beginnings of our recipe development bags and many more have been delivered in the last few days. It has been so exciting getting daily updates with photos from parents about how much fun they're having, how much it has already encouraged trying new foods and enjoying the experience. This is what it's all about!

Here are some of our favourites this week:

We confirmed dates for our Italian street food pop-up restaurant: 3rd and 4th April at New Market Street, Woodbridge. You can follow all the information via this link: We're going to post a cheeky limited offer for food and booze to help raise funds for the cookery school so please check our social media updates if you want a bargain for delicious food!

Today saw the patting dry and wrapping of the homemade bresaola using the gorgeous Red Poll beef from the grounds of The Suffolk Food Hall. I used to make bresaola when working at The Pheasant under Jay Scrimshaw (now running Guerrilla Kitchen @GuerrillaKitch) and was always so precise about the knots! Working as a butcher moons ago I was always taught "a good butcher always has their knots in line!" There is something really satisfying about tying meat!

We also tried out a dessert dish for the pop-up. Tiramisu brownie. Now I am not actually a fan of tiramisu because when I worked for Jamie Oliver before he launched 1,000 restaurants across the world (we won't discuss what happened next!) I had to make trays of the stuff and it put me off! Though I always loved the flavours and couldn't help but punch these into a brownie instead. Needless to say a lot of brownie has now been eaten in this household!

After meeting with Jess from Jess Cooks last week we tried out her bolognese and oh my goodness! We paired it with fresh pasta and Amelie loved it. She'd already had dinner at nursery but smashed this too, leaving a tiny bit for me and the other half to taste. I couldn't believe how good a pre-prepared children's meal could taste! Please look her up!

And finally...we launched our website! It's all still in the beginning stages as we need to make some tweaks and add bits and pieces, but essentially all the pricing, booking and information is on there. So exciting!

At writing this we're 32% backed by our Kickstarter, we can't get any of the funding unless we reach our goal. Everything is moving so exponentially its sometimes hard to keep up, but we just need the pledges to reflect this, so please, if you're reading this and haven't been kind enough to show us your support, pledge away. Whether it's for a discounted cookery class or restaurant voucher or you just want to shout about how much you support us, all is welcome! And thank you if you already have x

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