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The Open Kitchen has been my passion for almost 13 years. It took a back seat whilst I became a maths teacher however the lure of cooking has brought me back with a vengeance!

The name was born in 2012 when I was working on recipe development + marketing for Dingley Dell Pork. I opened our tiny kitchen in our flat to the public and rustled up porky dishes for £5 a head for honest feedback to build into their website, hence The Open Kitchen.

The children's cookery school was due to launch in April 2020 and is inspired by my own tiny chef who is obsessed with cooking. The aim is purely to inspire others to love food as much as we do. Sadly this has been postponed.

I have been cooking for private events and knocking out Finish At Home kits as well as helping with consultancy within the hospitality industry. I'm currently working closely with local fishmongers and butchers to develop their offerings between all the private dinners you lovely lot are celebrating. 

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