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So much food!

Things are moving quickly at TOK HQ!

This week I've sent our first batch of aprons to the embroiders, I'm using in Diss due to a brilliant recommendation and they have already emailed to inform me that the sample is ready within two days of first chatting to them!

Recipe bags have been delivered to parents to test our recipes. I want to check things like, quantities of veg, ease of cooking, spice levels and overall child involvement. Each recipe is written with the tiny chef in mind, thinking about vegetables that are easy for tiny hands to manage and safer ways of cooking. The feedback so far has been super positive (with the odd "slightly too spicy for us"!)

I also had the pleasure of @AndrewGWhinney on Sunday to photograph lots of recipes (and eating them too!) I am more than happy to admit I'm not the best photographer so having him on board was fantastic. Amelie was incredibly interested in his work too. I'll be using his photos for some of our recipe cards, social media and website very soon.

On our Kickstarter there are goodie bags and restaurant vouchers for you lovely lot who don't have a tiny chef to treat. This week Pump Street Bakery have shown their support by giving us a voucher to give away to one of you lucky backers, it is very tempting to not purchase it myself...£25 worth of doughnuts would be amazing!

Wednesday saw a really interesting meeting with Jess from @JessCooksForKids. We have so much in common with our ethos on simply cooked, non fussy food using delicious local products. We've already got some great ideas up our sleeves and will be posting about these on Facebook very soon. Jess kindly gave Amelie some of her bolognese to try too. We're pairing it with some homemade tagliatelle tonight for her dinner and will be boasting about it very soon I'm sure. What I love about her products is that it doesn't contain the carby element. Why would you want to pay above and beyond for that anyway?! So all her dishes are purely the sauce/dish and you can add whatever you like alongside them. Much more cost effective too!

And finally (phew!) Stokes Sauces are on board with TOK, their mayonnaise is used in the sushi dish and gives it a much richer and velvety taste to the tuna mix. @AndrewGWhinney took the photos for us but I do need to point out...Amelie got a little over excited with the rice hence it being way thicker than it should be and not particularly perfect! But isn't that what cooking with children is all about!

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