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  • How do I get hold of one of your Fresh Pasta Kits?
    You can order via our website, then choose either delivery within 3 miles of Woodbridge on a Friday (5pm - 7:30pm) or collection from our kitchen in Woodbridge on Saturdays 12pm - 2pm. Postal delivery is also possible, please select this option at checkout.
  • When do I need to order by?
    All orders for Friday local delivery must be placed by 7pm Thursday All orders for Saturday collection must be placed by 7pm Friday You will be notified on the day of an estimated time for delivery or your strict collection slot For postal orders: Saturday delivery must be placed by Thursday 12pm. For delivery within 1-3 days of Friday posting, orders must be in by 7pm Thursday
  • How do you package it all up?
    Our packaging is as sustainable as possible. Almost everything can be recycled or reused and the only times we choose a different packaging is to keep the food safe + hygienic for you.
  • I've just received my delivery by post, what should I do with the awesome wool + freezer packs?"
    Our first recommendation would be to post it back to us with your name, address and order number and we'll send you a free delivery code for your next delivery as a thank you! [Just send us an email first to ensure you send it back correctly to qualify] If you're not able to do that, here are some other ideas: Our WoolCool: (recycle the bag first) -Pop the wool on top of your compost heap -Use it to make felted animals! -Cover your new potato crop -Put into your compost bin for collection -Use it in the chicken coop for their eggs -Follow #letsboxclever for more ideas + to share your own! Freezer packs: -Snip open + empty the pure water onto your plants/vegetables/grumpy child (recycle the plastic though please!) -Save in the freezer for picnics in the summer or to chill your wine + cocktails at a BBQ -Take camping! -Snip into the strips, slip on a sock + use for any bumps or grazes
  • What is all the floury sand looking stuff on my pasta?
    To ensure your pasta doesn't stick too much during it's travel back to your home, we dust it in a blend of fine semolina + pasta flour. This will wash off during cooking and is nothing to worry about.
  • Is your pasta really all handmade?
    Yes! Every little parcel, strand and sheet is made by hand. But don't worry, our kitchen is spotless and we have hygiene certificates of level 3 to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety.
  • What if I have dietary requirements?
    All our items have allergen information on the descriptions. Our unfilled pastas can be made gluten free and we will have one vegan dish each week (except for veganuary where we've gone all out and are offering three!) If you have any further concerns, please contact us before placing your order.
  • I'm not a fan of your menu, do you have any other options?"
    Yes! Our menu changes every week, with our popular dishes returning here and there too. If you've got any favourites or suggestions, don't hesitate to give us a shout and we'll do our best!
  • Where are your ingredients from?
    We use Havensfield eggs in our pasta, Marriage's flour, Salter + King beef, Sutton Hoo Chicken and only the best fresh, seasonal produce for every dish.
  • Why are some of your dishes listed as arriving frozen?
    We're a very small team concentrating on what we love. Fresh pasta freezes really well and so to help with time effiency and consistency of great flavours, time to time our dishes may be listed as frozen. This doesn't impact the eating quality at all and all pasta can be cooked from frozen, the sauces just need defrosting before hand. If they are sealed in packets these can be easily defrosted in a fridge overnight or in a bowl of cool water.
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